Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bara LSD, Rear Protechs and N/S Rear Wing

With everything now off the Midget and the parts for modification ready to be dropped off at Westfield it was time to finish off the winter upgrades on the SEIW.

Unfortunately the garage is now reasonably full so I needed some good weather to allow the bits taken off the car to be stored.  Replacing the diff is not the easiest of jobs especially on an FW.  First the ROPS and rear bodywork have to be removed which my case also meant the Carbon Mod rear wheel arch protectors.  Then the fuel tank needs to come out along with it's mounting bracket which requires the upper wishbone inner mount to be accessed so the seats and tunnel carpet needed to be removed - also needed for access to the prop-shaft.

The order of removal is important as the handbrake is required to hold the diff while the prop-shaft  bolts are undone on - no prizes for guessing how I know this! Once I had the diff all undo there was lots of big hammer/drift work to get the diff mount bolts out and back with all the correct washers and torqued up.  Next job was to replace the shock absorbers - I transferred over the springs and transferred the length measurements.  Before refitting the fuel tank I replaced all the fuel hoses cleaned out the tank filter, replaced the post pump filter and also treated a few areas of rust on the chassis with waxoil.

With everything refitted to the chassis next was refitting the bodywork include new n/s rear wing after it was damaged in France last year; after g-clamping it in place and a bit of fettling I transferred the holes with a scribe and drilled them 0.5 mm oversize to give me a little play.  Once I was happy with the overall fit I bolted the bodywork together and to the chassis, refitted the roll bar and reconnected all the rear light connections.

With the car back on it's wheels I drove it down to a flat section of the drive and adjusted the ride height with James providing ballast

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Midget Rear Axle Refurbishment

Having removed the Rear Axle last weekend, this weekend I started the process of refurbishing it ready for fitting to the Westfield.

Before and after the wire brush
After breaking the axle into it's component parts I took a wire brush to the main axle and drum brake backplates.

After removing the worst of the rust I then treated all the component with rust stabiliser, after a couple of coat the treatment was washed off and the parts dried.

The rear axle will go to Westfield so has been left but the backplates were both given a few coats of satin black Hammerite smooth.

After leaving overnight the backplates I re-assembled them using all new components 


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Midget Strip Down 4

The midget strip continues - the rear axle is now removed and stripped ready to go off to Westfield

 New 1&7/8 spanner used

And the engine has been dropped off at Hurley Engine Services in Bath with the following agreed:

If re-bore and/or new pistons are required re-bore x2 +0.040 for 1310cc or next size if it’s already been re-bored previously
Replace head valve seats for unleaded
Increase inlet valves to A+
Light porting/polish of the cylinder head – remove flashing/shaping etc
Convert head to 11 stud
Lighten flywheel (fast road) and fit new starter ring
Regrind crank
Repaint MG Red/pulleys Black – masking none painted areas S/No/block plugs etc
Rebuild engine with MED RS Camshaft, Vernier duplex drive, lifters, springs, oil pump, water pump, 82 deg thermostat, alloy rocker cover
Balance engine – including new clutch cover
Baffle to the sump

Hopefully the engine will be ready in early August

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Midget Strip Down 3

Front suspension - not looking forward to this as it's notoriously difficult and the Midget very rusty.
I built a dolly cart to sit the front of the car on and hopefully I'll be able to use it on the FW when I replace the differential.

After lots of plusgas, angle grinder and hammering I eventual freed the key parts needed as donor -steering arms, hub and upright.  The upright will got to the MGOC as an exchange items.  I managed to get the top bush off but cut off the lower wishbone as I couldn't get the cotter pin out.  The lower wishbone had already got a braze repair/modification so couldn't be sold on - I'm now going for a bit of a scorched earth policy on the midget.

On Friday I stopped off at Moss in Bristol and they couldn't have been more helpful.  I now have everyone of the components required to rebuild the handbrake assembly/rear axle.

And after another morning both front uprights are off the car and the bits I'm keeping have been wire brushed and have been given a few coats of Hammerite satin black.  Donor parts now stripped and cleaned are: Engine Mounts, Steering Arms, Rack, Steering, mounts and Column, Front Wheel Hubs and Hand Brake.
The Engine and Gearbox are also split with the Engine ready to go off for strip and rebuild.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Midget Strip Down 2

We've been away for the weekend so not much garage time, I managed to get out for an hour last night to paint the steering rack and mounts and then for a couple of hours this morning and got the engine, gearbox and steering column removed.
The steering rack mounts are steel/pressed/welded not alloy in the build manual and the steering column is collapsible so doesn't appear to have the UJ spline that needs to be cut and welded to the lower column spline that mounts to the steering rack - emailed Mark Walker to confirm the way ahead.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Midget Strip Down 1

The Midget has arrived, meets the minimum requirement for a donor as it has the items that aren't available either new or reconditioned from the normal Midget/MG suppliers plus it has a V5C.

The strip down has started, steering rack and mounts removed and refurbished with a re-grease and new bellow boots.  I have new ball joints but these need cutting down as does the steering rack.  These have now had the steel sections primed and will be painted matt black.

Next part is the hand brake lever, the chrome is very good, just needs a polish but the mounting bracket needs welding.  Lots of new parts have started to arrive, luckily Tricia wasn't here when today's batch were delivered.  So far I have boxes containing:

Front Bearings/seals
Rear Bearing/seals
Rear Brake overhaul & drums
Front Brake calliper & disc upgrade kit
Gauge refurbishment kit

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Westie gets a Brother

This weekend I will be clearing out the left hand side of the garage in order to make space for this:

And hopefully after a refurbishment of the donor parts and build it will turn into this:

I've ordered the kit:
Westfield Racing Green
Le Mans Hump
Crimson Interior with cream piping
New wiring Loom
Protech Shocks

I'm intending to refurbish the major components from the Midget with the only remaining debate being the gearbox.  The Type 9 conversion kit and gearbox from Westfield is a £1800 option and is relatively easy to install at a later date so I'll see how good the Midget 4 speed box is before deciding.

The Midget is being picked up this weekend and the kit pick up will be in ~12 weeks